Brockpierce1 Proxy: Referenda Voting

Brock Pierce Proxy Referendum Voting, First Submission

After thoughtful consideration, the Brock Pierce Proxy team has elected to vote on-chain via the Referendum tools on the following referenda. The justification for our voting decisions is listed in this document. Please join the discussion in the @brockpierce1 Telegram channel if you have any questions or thoughts you would like to share on these items.

Update & Replace regproducer Ricardian Contract.

The Brock Pierce Proxy team has voted ‘yes’ on regproducer1 referendum. The proposed regproducer ricardian contract is an important step towards establishing standards for BPs to hold one another  accountable. The articles of this contract were written in collaboration with the global EOS community, led by EOS42. Cooperation of this manner is integral to the long term health of the EOS blockchain and blockchain governance as a whole.

About regproducer:

A major goal of the regproducer proposal is to provide an additional mechanism to Block Producers to regulate the efficiency of block production on Mainnet, thereby securing the network so dApps and users can confidently rely on the blockchain for finality. The proposal also aims to be a standard that brings the community together due to its primary objectives of upholding many basic elements of blockchain security and block production performance. 

This proposal applies primarily to the basic facets of block production and network security. Therefore, all mechanisms for enforcement of this proposal occur on-chain and the majority are objective measurements of performance. These performance metrics are widely accepted measurements for how a block producer’s quality of work should be quantified. Here are some examples of articles listed in regproducer:

  • Random Rotation of Standbys – In conjuction with code being worked on by Chainrift, regproducer creates a standard by which backup BP’s are rotated into a block production role to test the block production capability of non-top 21 BPs.
  • rmvproducer – Several articles in regproducer layout how rmvproducer can be called by 15/21 BPs if a BP has, for example, missed two or more rounds of blocks or if they are not responding to update urgent security patches.
  • In addition, there are many standard articles found in the previous version of regproducer such as the commitment to properly order blocks and to disclose BP entity and server location information.


The articles in this referendum are primarily objective in nature, and are basic standards for the community to agree upon. The contract can always be upgraded as we continue to learn more as a network over time. We will likely learn a lot from how this contract is enforced, or not, by Block Producers and is a thoughtful experiment that we think the network should implement.

“…this is not about creating an environment of fear. Rather, regproducer is best understood as a mutually agreed upon guide for protecting the EOS blockchain together. For example, when a Block Producer is chronically missing rounds, contracts such as regproducer should be culturally understood as a predetermined guide to remedy the situation and protect mutual interests, rather than a “weapon” of enforcement.” – Ryan Bethem, EOS42

Thank you for reading, please vote for our proxy: brockpierce1 

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